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We don't just make books. We create success stories.

Since 1975, Bookmakers has represented a group of the best children's book illustrators in the business and has provided the publishing industry with
book design and production services.

We've worked with most major publishers and look forward to helping create a success story out of your next project.


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Alavezos illustration
Banta illustration
Brooks illustration
Burnett illustration
Cousins illustration
Denman illustration
Edinjiklian illustration
Federico illustration
Gordon illustration
Haas illustration
Hahn illustration
Halverson illustration
Kim illustration
Lindberg illustration
McCallum illustration
McCord illustration
Mitchell illustration
ONeill illustration
Pavia illustration
Pellaton illustration
Serafin illustration
Smolinski illustration
Wiggins illustration

32 Parkview Avenue, Wolfville NS., Canada B4P 2K8 - P 902-697-2569
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